Artificial Insemination (AI) Packages

Mares kept at Pelion Stud are treated as if they were our own mares. Boarding mares can be kept stabled, in rubber-matted boxes, with dust-free deep paper beds, and ad lib haylage, or can be kept at grass where they live in small groups in post and rail paddocks to keep them as settled and happy as possible.

Artificial Insemination breeding

Our veterinary breeding packages are amongst the most competitive in the UK, with no in-foal fees or hidden extras.

We understand that sometimes breeding seems a little daunting, but getting your mare pregnant is easier than you think:

  1. Give us a call to talk over your requirements, and get your vet to come out to perform pre-stud disease testing for CEM, EVA, EIA and Strangles.
  2. Bring your mare to the stud, meet the people who will be looking after her, and see her settle in. We will then arrange all veterinary work, order semen for you, and keep you up-to-date with how she is getting on.
  3. Once your mare is pregnant, and you are happy to take her home come and have a chat with us about what to expect, and ask us any questions. Take her home, and enjoy the wait for your new foal!


 Foaling Down Service


We also offer a foaling service for when you want to avoid the stresses and strains of foaling down. Broodmares close to term are stabled in our special foaling boxes with daily turnout if required, and are watched 24 hours a day until they foal. If assistance is required, our vets are just a few minutes away.